Shuwaikh Cafeteria & Pastries
Job Application


FIRST : Personal Information

Name Nationality
Civil ID Expiry Date
Social Status Date Of Birth
Address Mobile No
Date Resume Duty Required Position
Current Salary Expected Salary
How do you know
about us

Second : Previous Experience

Experience 1
Experience 2
Experience 3
Reason for leaving
last job
Have you been terminated
form any job
If yes please list reasons

Third : Languages

Arabic English

Forth : Driving License

Do you have a Driving License ? Do you Have Car ?
Driving License No. Expiry Date :
Do you have Private accommodation? Kind Of Accommodation :

Fifth : List Three References (Except Relatives)

Reference 1
Reference 2
Reference 3

Sixth : Criminal Sheet

Have you been convicted in a previous crime ? If Yes Please List Details

Seventh : Read the below

1. I acknowledge that all information above is correct and the company has the right to terminate me without any warnings, if the information proves to be false.
2. I agree that you can contact the companies I worked for earlier and inquire about any information or data, whether personal or process.

Eighth : Attachments

Personal Photo with Blue Background
File Size: Maximum 1MB
Curriculum Vitae
File Size: Maximum 1MB
Civil ID
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Driving License
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Certificate 1
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Certificate 2
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Certificate 3
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Certificate 4
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Certificate 5
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