About Shuwaikh Cafeteria & Pastries

A little about us and a brief history of how we started.
Shuwaikh Cafeteria & Pastries, Kuwait

Brief background about SCP

Shuwaikh Cafeteria & Pastries (SCP) is the oldest cafeteria in Kuwait. It started its work in 1972 in the Shuwaikh industrial area to provide fast meals at reasonable prices to the region's employees. In 2010, Shuwaikh Cafeteria & Pastries Company was established to open several branches inside and outside Kuwait. The cafeteria has since been characterized by fast preparation, product cleanliness and the use of the best food. The cafeteria offers different types of pastries, which are fresh and affordable. As we have been able to gain the confidence of our customers with our products, we have developed the company's work to produce different types of wrapped pastries which are expected to have a good share of the market for the company's reputation in the eyes of our customers.

Company Message

We strive to provide a distinguished service to all our customers and enrich the lives of employees and investors. We pursue this by providing a distinguished service, food and beverage to our customers in a record time using the latest equipments while maintaining the quality of products and service.

Company Slogan

Authenticity of taste and quality.

How We manage our branches

The extent of our success depends to a large extent on the satisfaction of our customers with the service and products provided to them which mainly helps to flourish the work as we strive to develop the work and training of staff constantly to ensure speed and workmanship. A clear indicator of our success in business is sales growth which indicates an increase in customer numbers and trust in us. We have also set to ourselves progressive goals that we always strive to achieve. These interim objectives can be summarized as follows:

  1. Meet all our customers suggestions that are achievable and giving customers a sense of our interest in all their proposals and recommendations.
  2. Building trust and credibility in our transactions and dealing with both customers and businesses partners.
  3. Training and continuous development of all employees which we believe is an investment that is necessary to strive for to enable all employees to achieve perfection in their work.
  4. Spreading the spirit of cooperation and mutual respect between employees and working as a team which maximizes Degrees of success.
  5. Provide a clean work environment as it reflects the personal hygiene of the workers and gives sense of relief and satisfaction for customers.

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